Five Easy Ways to Update Your Outlook with Paint

Change Your Wall Color

If you want to make the most impact on your décor while spending the least amount of money, simply change your wall color. By lightening the color, spaces will feel larger. By adding an accent color, even to just one wall, the entire room will take on a new feel.

Create a Mood

Different colors can create different moods in a home. Blues and greens will have a calming effect on a room and can cool down a particularly warm part of the home. Red tones in a dining area can be used to increase appetite and feelings of comfort. Yellows and oranges brighten and liven up a space. What kind of mood do you want to create in your home? Let the colors you choose help to set the tone for your home.

Make a Scene

Adding a mural or mural element to a home can both enhance the room and give the room a sense of escapism. Murals can be inspired by favorite vacation spots, hobbies, and decorating styles. By adding dimension to a flat wall, the room can become a "happy place" in the home.

Put the Writing on the Wall

Many people find motivation and encouragement in favorite quotes, scriptures, lyrics and phrases. Hand painted lettering over a fireplace, entryway or children's bed can be hopeful reminders of inspirational thoughts. Remind yourself daily to "Kiss the Cook" or "Live, Love, Laugh" - you'll find your outlook starting to change.

Hire Someone Else to Paint It

These days, our time is limited. Between work, family, school, and community activities, people rarely have time to treat themselves to a new outlook. Hiring a professional artist to update your home is more affordable than you think and you are guaranteed that the new creation will enhance your home just as you hoped. Give yourself a big treat and hire someone else to update your outlook.